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Cascade Ring

  1. Description

Cascade ring is at the beginning of the seventy's analysis by the British transfercompany value in the development of a new hole filling. Cascade ring (CMR) highof about half the diameter of the ring side, a conical flange, ring on the wall with a window hole, and a curved blade into the ring core. Because of the special structure reduces the height and Taper flange, not only can improve the gas and liquid distribution within the packing layer, and increase the gas-liquid contactpoint, is conducive to the liquid aggregation dispersion and liquid surface is continuously updated, the mass transfer is enhanced, the separation efficiency is greatly improved. The general cascade ring packing is Bauer ring packing fluxincrease 10-20%, to reduce the pressure of 30-40%, the separation efficiencydepending on the specific process was improved to different degrees. I plant the production of ladder ring specifications are as follows:

Characteristic data of metal step ring filler: