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Intalox Saddles

  1. Description

Saddle ring the process of continuous extrusion processing, compared with the same material Raschig ring packing, have high flux, low pressure, high efficiency. Bauer ring resistance is small, large flux, high efficiency, strength of materials and good rigidity, is a kind of random packing of the most widely used. Rectangular saddle ring packing bed with larger void ratio, the bed is mostly circular liquid channel, reducing the gas through a bed of resistance, the radial liquid flowing downward diffusion coefficient decreases when the. Between the shape between annular and saddle shaped ceramic saddle ring, which combines the advantages of both, this structure is conducive to the liquid distribution and increasing private gas channel. Ceramic saddle ring due to its high density and excellent acid resistant and heat resistant properties, and various inorganic competence except hydrofluoric acid outside the acid, organic acid and organic solvent corrosion. Ceramic saddle ring can be used in chemical industry, metallurgy, coal, environmental protection and other industries in the drying tower, absorption tower, cooling tower, washing tower, regeneration tower.