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Float Valve

  1. Description

Floating valve tray structure is one of the frequently used at home at present, it has special performance, its main feature is the:
The large elasticity of operation
Because the valve plate can freely, so it can adapt change volume flickering, air gap of almost constant speed, load changes frequently in a wide operation range can also maintain a high separation efficiency.
The high separation efficiency
In practical application, the tray efficiency can reach 60 ~ 70%, than the bubble cap tray high 10 ~ 15, and on the low load efficiency is very high. Because of high efficiency, the quality of the products also increased.
The large capacity
Because the float valve arrangement than bubble column is compact, increase the opening rate, coupled with the flow in the horizontal direction into the surface layer, the entrainment rate is low, can improve the gas flow rate, increasing the production capacity. Production capacity than the bubble cap tower height from 20 to 40%.
The small pressure drop
Air flow through the valve only a contraction, expansion and turning, low pressure drop than the bubble cap tray. A pressure drop in the atmospheric tower each tray is only 3 ~ 5mm hg.
In addition, it also has the advantages of simple structure, low cost; the use of long cycle, not afraid of dirty material has the advantages of convenient installation. Jiaxing Jiuda Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. the production of type F1, type V, a light valve and valve, can also according to the special requirements of users.
Jiaxing Jiuda Stainless Steel Co., according to the Ministry of chemical industry JB1118-81 standards of production, its basic parameters are as follows: